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Summer Projects

On my first week of the program, I learned about the development of videogames in general and I even learn how to make some sprites for a chracter and code on some sprites to function. The coding is important for the small project because it is use for the game work as I intended such as the characters being on the floor. The week helps me with the simplicity of game development which I might do something more with it as in videogame mods with textures. Maybe some day I would like to do more with it by actually doing some 3D modleling and animations in modding epsically in games like Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and Hatsune Miku: Mega Mix as the devs gave out mod tools for the players to play around with it to enhance the experience.

On the second week, I learn how that coding can be use for working for robotics such as the spheros. The lesson is very simple since it uses block coding but I did see the app that class that we are using does have the ability to see actual coding process of JavaScript which I am new to compare to Python 3 that I am very familar wtih back in school. This lesson can help me to get familar in coding for robots in general that see the ability that they can do. Someday I would like to get myself some sort of robot for myself to play around with coding.

The third week is all about doing physical coding, my personal favorite lesson for a good reason in giving me more intrest in seeking some sort of career. The lesson is about connecting wires, led lights, and buttons to the computer to then code a function for the arduino to work. The lesson also gave me an understanding in the hardware on most electronics in general on how they work which I would like to learn more about each component does.

The fourth week is about the development of mobile apps. The lesson is uses the sites Thunkable and RPGplayground to understand how to develop an in general app or a mobile game. This still doesn't intrest me in doing mobile apps but it is nice to learn about the process though.

The current week, week five, is about web design which is my second personal favorite lesson of the program for how much typing it requires to get a website to work just like this one that I was working on. This lesson helps me know how to make a website by changing the text font, size, and position, the function of links that changes the webpage's screen with either a text link or an image link. This in fact help me with css to be fair because of a certain site that allows custom css such as using the 4chan waifu randomizer which is fun to do. So far if I wanted to make another webpage for myslelf on my free time, I would like to know more with working in html, css, and JavaScript that the program didn't teach.